I’d long known that people who holidayed at Seal Rocks, always returned to Seal Rocks. We had seen the turnoff from the highway a million times…but at under four hours drive from Sydney, it was almost too close to home for us to consider for a stop off on one of our epic cross country drives. As we drove through the bush of Myall Lakes National Park, and popped out at Number One beach, I understood. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

The Reflections holiday park is directly across the road from Number One beach, and we were booked into their brand new cabins. They are easily the best cabins we’ve stayed at.

They are beautiful, architect designed to withstand the elements; they are like a tent, and can be opened up in a number of configurations, the minimal design is mindful to sit harmoniously in the surrounds of a national park.
They have a full laundry comprising of washing machines dryer, (so no need to panic that someone might accidentally take your undies off the communal wash line!) iron and ironing board, a dishwasher, a pod coffee machine, a generous fridge with huge freezer… Lovely bedding, double blinds to block out all light, and a really great shower! There are air conditioning units and tv’s in both bedrooms and in the lounge, with Foxtel in the lounge (perfect for family movie night!). Each cabin has a large outdoor dining area and personal bbq opening out onto a communal lawn, and beyond that is the beach!
For large groups or families there is a guest lounge adjacent to the cabins, overlooking the beach on one side, and the brand new playground on the other. Perfect for a family bbq, watching the footy or a movie all together, or sundowners watching dolphins cruise past without having to crowd into one cabin.

A real plus for us was the freedom the kids had to roam…the holiday park is not huge, and is very family friendly. As such we let the kids go ‘free range’, on the condition that they would check in with us every so often to let us know they were ok, and that they were not to head to to the beach without an adult to help them cross the road, and supervise. It was the closest thing to my own childhood (disappearing all day, and reappearing at meal times!) that we’ve experienced yet. The kids really revelled in this new found freedom, and spent their days racing between the playground, the communal lawn, and other peoples cabins. They are asking when we can go back!

Here’s what we got up to…

We beach combed on Number One Beach…Kinga collected an impressive array of shells, cuttlefish bones, twigs, rocks, and assorted miscellanea (none of which was allowed in the car for the drive home!) We spotted, and avoided the tiniest of bluebottles washed ashore, and watched a family of sea eagles fighting and fishing. Whilst we did this, the boys fished from the shore.

We did the walk to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse… from the holiday park this is an easy 30 mins there and back. Its pretty easy going for the most part, the only tricky bit being the stairs to the top which are super steep. Worth the effort though; we were rewarded with whales breaching and stunning coastal views. Also good to know, there is a public loo en route.

We did the walk to treachery headland… another easy 30 min each way walk, though not as nice, as part of it is on a dirt road, and cars zoom past kicking up clouds of dust. We walked back along lighthouse beach instead of completing the loop, and admired the bravery of the surfers who were game to enter the huge waves.

We also swam, mucked around in rock pools, spotted dolphins, whales and sting rays!

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14 thoughts on “SEAL ROCKS, NSW

    1. If you’re ever over this way, I’ll show you some beautiful beaches, I promise! (This one is a bit of a hike, but we have PLENTY in and around Sydney!)

  1. I was surprised to discover how cool a spot Seals Rock is. We had a few little stingrays come to the shallows and swim at our feet there once.

    1. Ooooh! That’s very lucky! We saw stingrays, but didn’t swim or interact with them…

  2. This place looks amazing! You won me over when you said the cabins are like a tent… we have a 15-month-old and would love to camp in an actual tent but this sounds much more practical at this point, especially in the rain! Thanks for sharing.

    1. A very LUXE tent…with plumbing, and a coffee machine! The very epitome of GLAMPING!

    1. Well, now that they’re older, you could always get side by side cabins! I think they’re going to roll out this new format across their parks, and good on them…its a unique offering, and they’ll do well from it!

  3. Wow! This place looks incredible! We’re travelling with our dog so it would be unsuitable for us being in a National Park- but your photos are giving me destination envy!

  4. Beautiful pics, that cabin looks like the perfect place to stay! I’ve been to seal rocks but only very briefly, seems like a beautiful place to spend a few days 🙂

    1. Thanks Katie! I plan on spending more time there myself, maybe once it’s warm again!

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