Wet’ n’ Wild, Sydney

This week, we celebrated a bit of a milestone event in the Watts household; Kinga no longer swims with floaties! To commemorate this, coinciding with the last weekend of summer, we surprised the kids with a trip out to Wet’n’Wild!

Whoa nelly!
This place is HUGE.

It was so much cleaner than I anticipated (I had imagined floating bandaids, sunscreen slicks & other peoples hair sticking to me! Gross!) and whilst busy, it was not crazy busy. It also seemed very safe, with people leaving their belongs on sun loungers or in cabanas and going off to enjoy the park. We found a spot near the kids area, and left our towels & sunscreen there safely for hours. (we stashed our valuables in a locker)

We LOVED the wave pool the most…and the best part about it is that the water is so nice & clear that you can see your kids in the waves, and yank them up and above the water should they need a breather. Lot’s of space, and no waiting in queues for this attraction. The little kids area was another big hit, with attractions and slides for little folk of all ages, with lots of shaded areas, and access to lockers, change rooms and bathrooms close by.

We had to wait 45 minutes for the river ride, whilst park management scrambled to find extra life guards, and in the end they were not able to open up the entire river as a result of staff shortages. Not cool. The river was overcrowded then, and we bailed. The worst wait was the boys last slide of the day…just under 1 hour for a slide that lasts 45 seconds at best (in fairness someone had injured themselves, so park protocol had to be followed, however we felt better systems needed to be in place to get things moving again.)

Book ahead online! This eliminates the need to queue on arrival; you scan your tickets on your phone, and walk on in. (We queued for 20 minutes, then bought our tickets online, in the queue!) We paid $300 for a family of 4, which on the day did not represent good value for money. For better options, check online, ahead of time!

On arrival suss out which slides have what height restrictions, and plan your day accordingly. Because Kinga is under 110cm she was unable to go on most of the big rides, so I spent most of the day with her, whilst Mez and Wolfie were able to hit the slides together.

Bring snacks…food and drink is expensive in the park. You are allowed to bring ‘small’ quantities of food and bottled water.

Go early, first thing to be first on all the rides…or after 3:30 for cut price admission.

Identify a meeting point, for parents who have to split up to take kids on different rides, or for kids should they get lost.

Bring hats, sunscreen, rashies…(if you forget sunscreen, there are pump bottles at the entrance to all change rooms/bathrooms, and you can buy sunscreen at the wet’n’wild shop too.)

Go with friends! The more the merrier! I think it’d be great to hire a cabana too, and share it among a group.
So, whilst some wait times seemed interminable, the kids seemed to not notice/care and had a ball… And I’ve just seen online that for the final month of the season (March) they have a monthly pass for just $69!!! March Madness! Who wants in?!
The low down…

$64 for children under 110cm
$79 for general admission (over 110cm)
$59 for ‘twilight admission’ (entry after 3:30pm)
$10+ for small locker

Wet’n’Wild Sydney
427 Reservoir Rd
Prospect, NSW 2148















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