Port Lincoln is a top spot! I’m convinced that the combination of a beautiful natural environment, an outdoorsy lifestyle, and a seafood rich diet means that everyone is pretty laid back, and content with their lot. There’s a really good vibe about the place! It might also be because it has reportedly the highest concentration of millionaires in South Australia, no doubt as a result of its abundant fishing…good times!

First order of business in a town that proclaims it is seafood capital of Australia, is to taste the wares! Sarins at The Port Lincoln Hotel came highly recommended, and for good reason. Oysters are a polarising bunch, and it’s taken me some time to get into them, but I love them now, and can’t get enough of that salty, creamy, mineral hit. I think we had 18 straight up! They were SENSATIONAL! We also shared a seafood platter, that fed the whole family, it was HUGE. And delicious! Spanking fresh… writing about it now is making me salivate a touch! Sarins is super kid friendly too, we sat on the deck outside, overlooking Boston Bay, and there was plenty of room for the kids to run around.

We were super keen to get our hands on some of the tuna the town is so famous for, but it seems that all the good stuff is frozen and shipped overseas, which was a bummer, but in the process of trying to track it down we happened across The Fresh Fish place, where we had leather jacket cheeks & chips…sounds strange, but was OFF THE HOOK (ah! so many fish puns!)

The Lincoln National park was one of the highlights of our whole trip west…I could have happily spent a week there! Unlike some of the other national parks we visited, this one was only 15 minutes out of Port Lincoln, an easy drive for hot & bothered passengers, big and small alike!

It’s huge, and I think we saw two other cars the whole time we were there, and no other humans. We did spy loads of native inhabitants though; a blue tongue lizard, huge big black swans and loads of other birds, and unconfirmed snake and loads of fish, but of course! Mallee scrub is synonymous with Aussie coastal bush, and is so robust and hardy it looks fake. It must have rained just before we came through, as wildflowers were everywhere! Heaven.

We decided on a tiny strip of sheltered beach near Horse Rock, on the Boston Bay side of the park. The coastline on the southern side of the park is pretty wild by contrast, with limestone cliffs and large swells. I sunbathed, the kids swam & played in the sand…it was perfect.

I’m so pleased that we stopped in to the Port Lincoln Visitor Information centre before heading to the national park, as they pointed out which beaches were accessible to non 4WD’s, which beaches were kid friendly, and most importantly, to keep our eyes peeled for razor fish, named for their razor sharp shells…they are actually not fish as such, but more like a GIANT mussel, they pop up out of the sand vertically, and because the shells are the same colour as the sand they can be a bit tricky to spot. A bit of local knowledge can go a long way!

I feel there’s still much exploring to be done in this top spot; a visit to Coffin Bay, a swim with the sharks/tuna/seals (Mez has done both sharks & tuna and LOVED it!), maybe some fishing? I have an inkling we’ll be back…!

We stayed at
Port Lincoln Foreshore Apartments
100 Tasman Terrace
Port Lincoln, South Australia

We ate at
Sarins at the Port Lincoln Hotel
1 Lincoln Highway
Port Lincoln, South Australia

The Fresh Fish Place
20 Proper Bay Road,
Port Lincoln, South Australia

Its worth popping in to the Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre
3 Adelaide Place
Port Lincoln














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  1. We have a little BLue Tongue Lizard that lives under our beach house!….. We called him Bluey, very creative!!!

  2. Great blog Georgie I’m now considering Port Lincoln as a holiday destination sounds delightful.
    Love the family pics also xx

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