“Toyota would like us to drive their new car for the radio” Mez said to me. “It’d be during school holidays, we’ll start in Albury, and end in Brisbane. It’ll be great!” Albury to Brisbane. That’s 1377km’s in 5 days…driving from Albury to Canberra, to the Central Coast, on to Coffs Harbour, finishing up in Brisbane. The car in question was the ‘all new’ Camry…I’m pretty sure we had one of these as a kid, and I don’t remember ours being this spacious, and ours certainly wasn’t a hybrid! It is so quiet that a few times I panic that I’ve broken it…It takes some getting used to, but otherwise it’s a pretty sweet ride.

Anyone who knows our little family knows that road trips are very much our thing, and that at least once a year we drive from Sydney to Adelaide, and back again, plotting a different course each time to see new places along the way. We have been very lucky over the years, with random opportunities like this popping up every now & then, and the chance to drive a new car isn’t presented all too often, so we jumped onboard!

Albury is a very nice country town, and is usually the place to stop if you’re driving up or down the Hume Highway from Melbourne to Sydney or vice versa. The streets are wide, and no one seems to be in hurry to get anywhere. Everywhere we eat, we over order, as country folk are generous, and portions are HUGE! Worth remembering when ordering for little people…We had a few hours to kill before meeting up with Mez’s team, so we headed to Oddies Creek Playground, which is one of the best adventure playgrounds around. It has a 30 metre flying fox, a sandpit, musical play areas, slides, swings…the lot really. And plenty of seating & grass for parents to observe their kids/ check their social media accounts…

We end up staying in a pretty remote caravan park 30 minutes down the road, on Lake Hume in Bowna …and we arrive at the perfect time to feed the farm animals! At 4pm every day the park manager heads up to the farm yard at the back of the property to feed alpacas (or are they llamas? I get the two confused!) ponies, sheep, deer, goats, geese, chooks & a roo or two too. Everyone gets a turn, everyone is happy. Keep your eyes peeled for a pair of ostriches that are free range on the property too. The park has excellent facilities for kids…loads of space, a jumping pillow, a water play area and pool, a playground, a bmx bike track and even a flying fox. The cabins are clean, spacious, and overlook the pool. Happy kids, and happy mum and dad!

The Albury to Brisbane road-trip…to be continued!

We stayed at Great Aussie Caravan Park
14 Hore Road, Bowna NSW 2644















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